VK is the namesake architecture firm of architect & interior designer Verek Kadouri. VK communicates in a signature language throughout her works based on a design style that’s intelligent and evocative. She believes in filling spaces with purpose through an engaged and respectful process with people. In this process, VK turns a blank canvas into a personal universe, intended to aspire and serve at the same time.

In Vered’s world, design is driven by emotional functionality, one that draws from her expertise as well as her dream-like visions. Each project is an opportunity to discover something new about how people interact with spaces and how interior design affects their experiences.

Vered’s design style is inspired by minimalism and clean lines that are supported by a monochromatic palette. She lets natural light and materials bring attention to fine architectural structures, allowing for all elements to exist in harmony. In Vered’s words “The essence of elegance, in my eyes, is when design produces a quiet yet all-embracing power, achievable only when you pour your soul into each edge and corner”.